The Vegan 3

We manufacture vegan and vegetarian meat substitutes for the wholesale and restaurant sectors.

Our mission is simple: create products that are not seen as a substitute for meat, but as a rival. They are high quality, great tasting and competitively priced.

Christopher Riley-Smith and Andy Tordoff, who were colleagues at the time, founded The Vegan 3 in early 2018. A few months later, Chris Stanfield joined the company and all three have the shared vision of creating the most incredible vegan products on the market in the UK today.

Our range includes vegan chicken, lamb and pork, as well as a range of vegan mayonnaise and yogurt sauces.

We also develop bespoke products, custom-made for clients across the food industry. We are able to match the flavour profile of our vegan chicken and meat products to suit your established brand and cuisine.

We developed our first product for Döner Summer, the vegan berlin döner kebab food truck. Since then we’ve gone on to supply national restaurant chains and wholesalers with our bespoke vegan meat substitutes.

Who are we?

Christopher Riley-Smith

Christopher Riley-Smith The Vegan 3

Chris started in the catering and hospitality industry in 2001. He worked his way up to management whilst working for a national restaurant chain, and his final role before starting The Vegan 3 was Regional Manager for the largest vegan chain in the UK.

Andy Tordoff

Andy Tordoff The Vegan 3

Andy, the youngest member of the team, has been in the industry for almost six years. He was first kitchen manager for Pivovar Group, and then went onto become the Technical & Logistics Manager for the largest vegan chain in the UK.

Christopher Stanfield

Christopher Stansfield The Vegan 3

Chris has worked in the industry for many years, both in the UK and Europe. He has worked for critically acclaimed establishments, been a private chef in both France and Italy and later joined a historic Michelin starred restaurant in Yorkshire.

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